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Hey, if you’re here, on this post right now – it’s for one reason.

You’re wondering if you should join Empower Network

Maybe you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, in the background, waiting – and maybe, just maybe you just ran into us right now.

Let me be honest, and up front, because the truth is, EmpowerNetwork.com is not for everyone.  If you’re reading this, it might not be right for you.

Here’s who Empower Network is NOT for:

1.  Anyone who wants a ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme.  Although I definitely believe that by applying certain skill sets, you can ‘get rich quicker’ than inferior ways of making money, the truth is – you’ve got to work your ass off, even with a great system, great tools, great products, and a great company.  You might fall on your face, fail for a while, struggle a bit, and experience pain – and if you quit without applying what you learn, you might not make any money at all.

The Fact?  You WILL experience struggle if you want to make money on the internet.

It may not be immediately – maybe you’ll get in, and make $10,000 your first month.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a struggle of learning new skills, facing a little rejection, or going through a ‘rough patch‘ – Empower is NOT for you if you’re not willing to face some pain in your life, and overcome it.

2.  Anyone who wants everything to be perfect before they start.  I have a core philosophy, and that is to break things, and innovate.  The fact is, if we’re perfect – we can’t grow.  The beauty in life happens in the pain of change, and Empower Network is a grass roots movement.  Part of being ‘grass roots’ is getting aches and pains, and growing stronger through the fire.  Real entrepreneurs understand that the greatest opportunity lies in the wake of innovation.

3.  Wussies.  Empower Network has a strict ‘no wussies allowed’ policy.  What exactly is a wussy?  It’s someone that blames the world for the problems that they create in life, and doesn’t preserver through challenge.  No whining, no complaining, if you want to be here.  We are here to Empower your vision, not to do it for you.  If you take personal responsibility for your own results – you’ll LOVE the culture at Empower Network.  If you love to blame others, we’ll probably make you mad when we call you a ‘wussy’.

If you want to succeed – work hard, and take responsibility, dangit!

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Ok, that’s who Empower Network is not for.  Here’s who it is for:

1.  Real Entrepreneurs.  People who want to innovate, and be on the front lines of growth in the marketing world are automatically attracted to the culture we have in Empower.  We have a ‘No B.S.’ attitude, that has carried us through two MASSIVE hurdles and helped us do more than $4.2 million in sales in our first 140 days, and triumph through the struggle.

Who is a real entrepreneur?  Someone who is ready to tackle a challenge, someone who wants to grow, and learn WHILE doing.  We need to get rid of this ‘get perfect before we try’ attitude, and ATTACK our problems head on, with the ferocity of a wild Lion.  Like Bruce Lee, we like to ‘Attack the Attack’.

2.  People who like RESULTS based marketing education.  At empower network, we only teach what we do ourselves.  All the way from the founders, with Dave Sharpe and I, to the field leaders – we teach NOTHING that isn’t proven to create results.  Even if you don’t want to make money selling our training products, you won’t find better education anywhere – either offline or online – there is a reason for this, and it has to do with the third type of person.

3.  People who want to make REAL MONEY when they sell stuff, and are sick of the crap.  The reason why our marketing education is so cutting edge is because our affiliate compensation model is attracting the best direct response marketers in the world.  Why?  Because they make more money selling our stuff, than anything they’ve ever sold before.

* Please NOTE: You still have to do the work, to generate traffic and create sales.  We’ll help you.  We’ll give you tools – however, your results are YOUR personal responsibility.

We get real marketers, getting results NOW to do all of our trainings at Empower, so you always have real, up to date, live strategies that work RIGHT NOW in the marketing world, rather than being trapped in the never ending cycle of product launches.  If you buy our stuff – you don’t need ANYTHING else.  Period.

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Jem Tang


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The Empower Network Review

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Looking to join David Wood’s Empower Network? But what is it, exactly?

Empower Network

The Empower Network (empowernetwork.com) is the brainchild of David Wood and David Sharpe. This innovative system was officially launched on October 31st 2011. Over $250K in affiliate commissions were deposited directly in founding members’ bank accounts within the first 72 hours and, despite a server crash and a few other teething problems along the way, the Empower Network rocket cleared the launch pad and blasted straight into orbit at a velocity seldom seen within the internet marketing arena.

The cost to join the empower network is only $25 per month. This gets you “in the door” and instantly set up with your own search engine optimized blog. Nothing to install. Simply make a few easy changes to how you want your name, bio and pic to appear and you’re done…. you’re ready for action. Notice the social media elements like “share this” and the RSS feed is already coded. This is nothing for you to do except… 1) Blog Daily… 2) Tell Others… 3) Make Money.

Empower Network for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply selling another person’s product or service to earn a commission and it is by far one of the fastest, easiest ways to get started making a significant income online.

Historically, the challenge has always been you find a great product or service to promote and now you are left to make your first “marketing decision” – HOW are you going to promote this new product or service on a consistent basis over an extended period of time. Because NO PRODUCT sells itself regards of many claims to the contrary. So if you want to get paid in affiliate marketing or even by the empower network – YOU must “set up shop” and start learning how to promote whatever it is you are selling.

With the empower network you are given a fully functional,fully optimized blog for this purpose. So the idea is to:

  1. Blog Daily
  2. Market Daily
  3. Make Money

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empower network

empower network

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